Current prices

Brahma-in-Zoom   750 USD

Large Capsule Brahma mounted on Zoom   950 USD

These two are self contained and ready to use.

Free Standing Brahma Microphone with 14 mm capsules 950 USD

Ambisonic Studio Microphone with 25 mm capsules 1500 USD

These two come with 1.5 meter splitter cables (DIN 12F to 4 XLRM 3 pin)

Brahma 8 second order microphone 1800 USD

Comes with two 1.5 meter splitter cables, carrying channels 1-4 and 5-8.

Additional cable cost can be calculated here.

Shipping (between 50 and 75 USD) is extra on all microphones

Brahma Ambisonic Studio Microphone

We have started production of 25 mm studio microphones with high quality capsules and low noise front-end electronics.

The connector (DIN 12 M) and cables are common with the Free Standing Brahma microphone. We will provide a 1.5 mm splitter cable with the microphone, but other lengths and extensions are made to order. We will also  include the shockmount pictured above, with sorbothane isolation.

Like all Brahma Microphones, these are made to order. They will be shipped within  two weeks after we receive payment.

Information booklet for Brahma Ambisonic Studio Microphone

Ambisonic Studio Microphone

A special offer

This offer is no longer available.

For a short time only, we are offering a special rate for students and academics. For those eligibile, Brahma-in-Zoom will be available for 500 USD + shipping.
to be eligible, the order must come through a .edu email account and a scan of your official student id.

Email us now to order

How do I record with this thing ?

There are actually two answers.

1) If you have purchased the Brahma-in-Zoom, or Large diaphragm version of Brahma and Zoom. You place the recorder/mic where you think the sound is good, check with headphones for the quality of the sound coming into the recorder, and press the record button.

You should first selected sampling rate and bit depth (48 k and 24 bit preferred) select the four channel mode. Make sure the M/S rear pair is set for equal gain. Just remember that ‘front’ of the recorder faces away from you when you can see the meters.

You will get two stereo recordings, called **XY and **MS. The XY is your top pair and MS is bottom. Together they make up the A-format recording. To convert to B-format you can use one of two free programs Brahmavolver or X-volver we provide. There is also the excellent VVencode, but you have to purchase it from VVmic.

2) If you have purchased the free-standing microphone, you first connect the DIN 12 to XLR splitter, and the four XLR connectors to your recorder. If you need longer distance you connect the extension cable first, and the splitter last.  Details are in the booklet we provide, but make sure the correct channels are connected, and the levels of the four channels are matched. (Zoom F8 and F4 make this easy, and the both have an ambisonic mode which allows monitoring in stereo while recording four channels of A-format.) 

  • Remember
  • 1) Raw recordings are called A-Format.
  • 2) A-format files have to be encoded to B-Format using special “filters”
  • and software like Brahmavolver, X volver and VVencode.
  • 3) Ambisonic recordings are level sensitive and require all four channels to be recorded within 1/10th of a dB of each other.
  • 4) Ambisonic recordings are, by nature “isotropic” or spherical. You can rotate your recording if you did it facing the wrong way.
  • 5) Orientation of the microphone must be known to properly decode. How have you mounted the microphone ? Upright, facing the performance,  or even hanging downwards ? Your processing software needs to know to produce a correct B format file.
  • 6) A good shockmount, and in outdoors a good windshield, are essential for good recordings



Cables and other accessories can be made to order, such as this four channel balanced audio cable using high quality very flexible Mogami bulk cable with DIN 12 M on one side and DIN 12 F on the other. Made to any length.

4 channel cable cost calculator

Terminations : DIN 12 F one side (25 USD), DIN 12 M the other side (25 USD)
Or 4 XLR M (35 USD)
Cable per meter (20 USD).
We provide one 1.5 meter cable, DIN 12 F to four XLR M gratis with each Free Standing Brahma. But if you would like this splitter cable to be, let us say, five meters long, you have to add 3.5 meters x 20 USD = 70 USD to your cost. You can instead buy a five meter extension cable (DIN 12 F to DIN 12 M) and use it between the microphone and the splitter cable. That will cost you 160 USD. We can provide any length on this basis. And you do not have to buy a Brahma microphone to buy the cable. To use with the Sennheiser Ambeo for instance.
Shipping will be extra. We can send by international couriers like UPS or DHL, or lower cost India Post service. We will charge on the basis of estimates we receive at that time.

We are now able to provide Mogami 8-channel cable, a  single cable option for Brahma-8 buyers. It will  have 8 two DIN 12 F connectors one end, and 8 XLR M connectors the other end. The cable will cost 40 dollars per meter. plus termination costs. The difference will not be cost but convenience.

Composite shockmount, supporting a  Brahma microphone and a 360 degree camera.

The top ring holds the camera, with standard 1/4″ screw. The microphone is suspended in the lower ring. which plugs into a standard light stand top. (Neither the microphone nor the 360 degree camera require accurate independent alignment) Currently it is designed for our 52 mm barrel 25 mm studio microphone and Brahma-8 2nd order microphone in the picture. But shockmount can be made for any diameter and weight. We also have versions for Zoom H2n and H3.

The two rings are joined with carbon fibre tubes to make a rugged and lightweight structure. The tubes can be removed for compact packing.

Price will be 150 USD plus shipping.

Email us your custom enquiry